Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i've been so lame.

my posts have all but stopped! i am so sorry. i know some of you junkies have been checking in and wondering if i have fallen off the face of the earth. see, here's the deal...i have SO much to say and NO TIME to say it in. at the end of my two art shows i ended up with some good money but a LOT of commissions on the calendar. i have been working steadily on those (even in Little Rock on thanksgiving) and then at the end of the day i am POOPED. i have had time to post a few funny facebook statuses. i need to figure out how to make twitter go directly on the blog (that is what i will try to do). ok, so this morning's post was something like "i ran out of my deodorant so i used TEEN SPIRIT of peanut's. is it weird that my armpits feel younger and a bit more argumentative?" yesterday's went something like, "i am a mall walker and i wear sketchers shape-ups. there, i said it."
so, do you want to see some of the art that i have been working on? hope so....cuz here it is anyway:

for a mother in law that was SO CLOSE to being tomato bowl queen...she could just TASTE it!

Lean On Me

on old barn wood

more barn wood

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  1. Your art is so fun! I am loving your churches and owls.