Tuesday, December 21, 2010

i am a power dancer

i am bored with going for walks. i can't always have a babysitter to keep the kiddo's while i go out for a long walk to burn off these xtra few lbs. and i get so antsy(is that a word?) when i am walking. i just want it to be OVER. that is why i have taken to indoor walking (yes, the mall) because i can window shop, smile at people, talk to babies, get a chicken terriaki sample shoved in my face, and then grab a cappuchino from the bookstore before i take my satisfying drive home. but, the mall walking has stopped because the kids are out of school...SO, i have had to become creative with my exercise.
this has come in the form of what i call "mom's power dance hour /thirty minutes". this is a humiliating time for my kids who just watch me in disbelief as i dance all over the house. FOCUSING on my "core" i am flailing about trying to mimic aerobic exercises from the past. one time i did step aerobics on my hallway steps. my arms going up and down like a bird flapping it's wings.
what music am i listening to? you have to know it is my i pod! so, the kids hear nothing while i dance about the house. if the song is slow, i might just drop and do twenty sit or push-ups. this can look strange to children and i am aware that it does, but some things just HAVE to be done.
i just finished the thirty minutes of "mom's power dance hour /thirty minutes" and i feel GOOD! i put in a dvd of michael jackson's greatest hit videos and i rocked out to "the way you make me feel" and "beat it" and of course "thriller" and "black or white". after that, i did some floor yoga and then i got bored with that and stopped. no terriaki chicken or cappucino as a reward. but to keep from eating the entire bag of chocolate covered almonds that someone sent, i am blogging! btw, why do people send food at christmas? i vote we switch to ornaments. everyone needs them. my jewish friend julie even had a hanukkah tree growing up. she would love a new ornament. please send ornaments. that is all i have to say about that. MERRY CHRISTMAS! and a flab free new years! start your own power dance hour/ thirty minutes! i won't laugh at you! 
if you learn to dance really well you could score a dance with someone like Caesar

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