Friday, December 17, 2010

it's been driving me crazy. who the hector is parson brown?

i do not know who "Parson Brown" is from that Christmas song. so i googled it. here is what i found out and i feel SOOO much better. and i also used to think that the song went, "later on we'll PERSPIRE, as we dream by the fire."


what popped up: from wikipedia

Who is Parson Brown and why are they making snowmen like him???

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The following lyrics compose the musical bridge of the song:

"In the meadow we can build a snowman,

then pretend that he is Parson Brown.

He'll say 'Are You Married?'

We'll say 'No man, but you can do the job when you're in town!"

Being that a Floridan orange grower was the only well-known person by the name of "Parson Brown" at the time the song was composed, one can assume that "Parson" is used as a title, instead of a first name. In the period when this song was written, parsons (now known as a Protestant minister) often travelled among small rural towns to perform wedding ceremonies for denominational followers who did not have a local minister of their faith. Therefore, the children are most likely pretending that their snowman is a Parson with the surname "Brown," which would be visiting the town again in the future.

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