Sunday, October 17, 2010

weekend with my neice

ok, so my neice is a 50 lb goldendoodle that looks like a polar bear. my sister, aka, the dog whisperer and popular blogger of "the walker house" TRUSTED me with her first baby, "bei bei" (named after a town in china) they love, bei went with us to the pepper place farmers market. probably the most charming farmers market in the south. it was not really fun because she is a showstopper and both she and moss the dog pulled peanut and her friend around the place. so, needless to say, we did not stay long...i bought some awesome goards... we had a drink from the general store, and cookies from the culinary school... we listened to a one man band play one of my all time faves, "angel from montgomery"... and then we left. here are some cute pics from the market and just bei bei in general.

who is that blonde woman driving my car?

trying to look like they are having fun!

a little hot, a lot tired. FYI bei is pure fluff she is 1/2 the weight of moss the dog!

can't beat the colors at the farmers market!

drinks at the most adorable general store i have ever seen.

this is rediculous. buckle up please!

bei with a pony tail

i think i am in love

me and my weenie, asleep on the couch. a tiring day.

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  1. Hey Liz .. you know the photo of the man working at the Pepper place General Store is Richard Stignani of Stignani's Market in Homewood .. it used to be where Gian Marco's is now ... they had the BEST tuna salad in the world !!!! paige w