Wednesday, October 27, 2010

disney tips from this traveler!

ok so there was no Internet access in the room unless we paid for it. SO, i waited until the end of the trip to blog. disney is everything that people say about it. what they say is MAGIC, a blast, fun! but, what they leave out is how TIRING it is. i just can't "hang" with my world traveling in-laws. they are so used to traveling and walking everywhere. i was more tired than they were.... i am convinced.
zig zag walking: another thing i was not prepared for. you have to be like "frogger" and just cross in front of other people. in the south...we just are not comfortable with this. excuse me, pardon me, i'm sorry, sorrryy!
strollers: they are EVERYWHERE and so are scooters. so one must walk at their own risk! one punch in the Achilles tendon with a buggy and you are trying not to cuss in the land of happy children. banks rode in a buggy that we rented each day. this is NOT CHEAP! note to others.....bring yours or borrow a buggy!
bandana: our red bandana tied onto the handle of our buggy distinguished ours from the 15,000 other light tan buggy's.
buy water bottles as needed. they are cumbersome and hard to carry unless you have cup holders on your buggy. they are only $2.50 each. a drop in the bucket.
bring your own snacks for long lines
get a fast pass for the big ride that you want to ride, early in the morning. so you can ride it twice...waiting in line once and then coming back at the designated time.
note: just cause your kid is the height for a ride does not mean that he needs to ride it. it might scare the crap out of him! Butter was terrified after the tower of terror!
we have not decided if the meal plan was worth it. easier, but might be more expensive and pb&j's could have sufficed! no time for eating anyway!
bright matching color tee's for your kids are a great idea.
we lost crunch for 20 minutes (i know you are SHOCKED) in the animal kingdom. if this happens, find a staff member immediately, they found him by radioing all around. PS he was helping himself to candy in a store when he was found. note: noone helps you if you are yelling your kids name. not one parent offered to help me!
we sharpied my cell # on the kids arms.
wear your most comfortable running shoes.
don't forget sunglasses and sunblock.
backpacks are a pain because they are not easily accessible. wear a fanny pack or a swing around bag. mine was a kavu.
don't waste your time on rides that are not rated with stars in your guide book. have it mapped out so you don't waste time.
let the kids pick a gift on the last day.
just cause the ride does not have a line does not mean the ride is not great.
just cause there is a line does not mean the ride is great. people just jump in line when they see people jumping in line! monkey see monkey do!

Crunch One liners:
at a show he poked a man in front of him and said "I CAN'T SEE!"
every time we saw a dressed up character he would look at us and say "that is just a BOY in a costume!" really loud!
when someone asked him if he had seen mickey mouse yet he said, matter of factly "why yes, i have been to his restaurant!" (chef mickey)
he told his grandfather that he was "not of this world".

favorite rides:

animal kingdom
dinosaur roller coaster, and inside dinosaur ride
cali falls river rapids
the safari!

hollywood studios
rockin rollercoaster
tower of terror
toy story
haunted mansion
honey i shrunk the kids (playground)

magic kingdom
thunder mountain
splash mountain
small world
pirates of the carribean
peter pan
micky's philharmagic

test track
spaceship earth
mission space
turtle talk with crush
buzz lightyear
countries (great for nighttime)

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