Saturday, October 30, 2010


i've got a poochy tummy AND love handles. (they are new and i am not wearing them well)
ACNE! who has acne at 36? (most 36 year olds)
wrinkles starting to show. right around the eyes and "smile zones"
who needs to smile anyway? ( 36 year olds)
in math 36 "rounded" is 40. ug
who acts like they are 40 before they are 40? (other 36 year olds.) NOT ME
i used to LIKE photographs of me. now i have a "good side"
built-in bras are a JOKE. i'm not laughing
36 year olds are beautiful
my 36 year old pregnant friends have life in their faces... and tummies
they know much more than i did at 26.
36 isn't so bad. i think, rounded might be the beginning of freedom
...from not caring about love handles, poochy tummies, wrinkles, acne...
and built-in-non-bras
maybe i'll feel free tomorrow. after my sit-ups.

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