Wednesday, October 13, 2010

liar liar pants on fire!!!!

i wish i could just yell this at my oldest child when i know she is telling me a TALL ONE! she looks away, her voice changes and she is LYING. somewhere in the book of rules you're not supposed to call your child a liar. i KNOW. so, what do you say? well, you change the wording.....i KNOW that you are NOT telling me the TRUTH. or, i can tell that you are not being honest. or, YOUR LYING! today i used the last choice. because i am tired of it. once i said....if JESUS were standing RIGHT HERE...and HE is...what would you say? but, this just makes her more determined and scared to tell the truth. don't get me wrong. this is not very often that she fibs. it is simply happening more than i am comfortable with. there is a great skit on you tube with bob newhart playing the character of a psychologist. his answer to all of his clients is STOP IT! click on the title of the post and you can watch one. it is HILARIOUS! maybe, and probably soon, my child will grow out of this and STOP IT!

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