Monday, March 7, 2011

the worst trick ever played.

this is a story about a "friend of mine" who played a NASTY trick (she admits the sinister nastiness of it) on her husband. she had always asked her hubbie if he wanted to just try a droplet of her breast milk. "UGGGGGHHHHHTTTHHPPP" he would say! well, she did not understand why he would not try it because his own precious baby drank it daily! and even she, herself, had tried the sweet milk. it sort of hurt her feelings. WELL, seven months pass and she was still plugging away but at this stage she was pumping her breast milk into little bags to save for the baby after she returned from work.
one faithful evening, she showed up after a late day at work and her hub was resting comfortably on the couch. as she passed him with the baby on one hip and the breast pump on her shoulder, he said in a sort of baby voice "will you bwing me a bwownie and some milk? pwease?".  "SURE", she said, (i'm not doing anything else?!). then the light bulb went off. bing! she fixed his brownie and poured a glass of milk and then dumped about three oz. of breast milk in it. stirred it up and served it up. she found great joy in watching her husband drink the milk, eat the brownie, lick his fingers and say ahhhhhhh.
the woman, out of fear of the tantrum it might cause, waited four days to tell her husband. he survived.
moral: when your hormonal wife asks you to just try a droplet of breast milk, DO IT! it is better than three oz.!
this "friend of mine" does not suggest this trick. use it with caution!

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