Monday, March 21, 2011

spring break in MENTONE, AL!

we had so much fun staying in a cabin in mentone, al (on lookout mt.)  we took a day trip on the last day to ROCK CITY and RUBY FALLS in Chattanooga. SO FUN. and you need to know that rock city is called ROCK CITY not SEE rock city. well powder me up and slap my behind i always thought it was SEE ROCK CITY!! we also enjoyed about every waterfall in the area. we went hiking and horseback riding. i could write an entire story on the horseback experience. let's just say that our horse trainer leader dude was missing a tooth and smoked the entire ride with butter right behind him just suckin in the fumes. crunch had to ride bareback behind bert on his horse. it was crazy. we saw the falls where the legend of nocollula played out. she was an young indian girl that was betrothed to a young brave BUT she was in love with another. she lept (so the legend says) from a rock into the falls and died on her wedding day. there is now a wedding chapel and a state park campground next to the falls. it is so ROMANTIC. you can stay in your camper, get married and sight see at this romantically beautiful location! here are some pictures to commemorate our fun trip!

precious cabin in the mountains!

butter helping crunch down the stairs to desoto falls

bert and the gang

the falls

first sunset from the cabin

hot tub! no mt. cabin is complete without it

the little river canyon falls

hiking up from our picnic at the falls

little river canyon scenic drive

time for horseback riding!

the horse named "foxy"

pretty peanut!

crunch riding on the back of "gunsmoke"

i rode "sandy"

a church built on a rock!

inside the church. the rock comes in!


1 hour spent underground in the caves

lots of cave formations

and then let the drum roll begin.....


and now, off to see ROCK CITY... SEE?

falls at rock city

SEE how much fun we're having??

you just have to SEE this place. it really was amazing!

my favorite little cabin that we saw!

last stop, noccalula falls!


ok, cool pic. you can see noccalula's statue, the falls where she was jumping into, and the chapel across the falls.

worn out?


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