Monday, March 14, 2011

gracie the dog

the cooolest thing that has happened to me in a long time, happened on friday. i was at my friend's house and her lab, Gracie was pregnant. we were pretty sure that her water had broken because, well, there was water....  so we set the dog up in the garage and just waited. we came in to check on her and my friend shouted THERE IS A PUPPY! well, there WAS a puppy halfway out just staying there. so i bent down and pulled lightly on the puppy and DELIVERED HIM and the placenta. no joke. for real. it was SO COOL! about two and a half hours later the second one came and then 6 more! the last one was WHITE! all of them black and then this one little white puppy. i missed all of the other puppies because i had to go. but i will never forget that first little puppy. i felt like billy crystal on city slickers when he delivers the calf!

when i came back the next day, this is what i saw!

so i grabbed my camera...

and she covered her babies!! how sweet!

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