Monday, March 7, 2011

tipmama #3 HELL WEEK

this is for those junkies who are not skeered to try Hell Week~!

got something to get ready for? i this week for 7 days only i am going to do my tried and true method of getting leaner fast. its hard but it is usually something i only do for one or two weeks. want to try it with me? last year i lost 10 pounds of fat (6% of my total body fat) in 2 weeks. i don't plan on it working quite the same since that time i cut almost all carbs out of my diet. very hard and i would dream about big pieces of cereal. so, this time im going to add in my good carbs and leave out the simple ones. Heres what i do:

Total H2O intake is 120 ounces a day

Total caloric intake is 1200 a day split up like this:

Breakfast: 300 calories ie: steel cut oatmeal, almonds, natural peanut butter (no sugar added) on whole wheat toast, egg whites, whole grain cereal, greek yogurt etc...just remember salt is not our friend so limit the sodium. don't freak out about the fat in the nuts...we are concentrating on the calories. We NEED good fat so our bodies will stay full and satisfied.

Snack (around 10am) 200 calories ie: cottage cheese, peanut butter toast, protien bar, protein shake, hummus with vegetables, almonds, turkey, greek yogurt...

lunch 200 cal. you can do any whole grain bread and sandwich meat with veggies etc... or a salad with a low fat/low cal dressing. just make sure you have some protein with it. you really need protein for every little meal.

snack mid afternoon 200 i usually have 1/2 of my protein bar and 1/2 apple so i can have some fruit.

dinner 200 lean meat, veggies and option of complex carb (brown rice, sweet potato, etc...

after dinner snack 100

i just keep a little sheet in my kitchen and write down what i eat. you can find a good calorie counter anywhere on the internet. i copied one from the Atkins diet but i think the ipad even has an app for calories in foods. and no, you cannot eat 1200 calories worth of twinkles and chocolate. clean out the junk and concentrate on lean meats, veggies, and whole grains.

best tip: gum. i know it has artificial sweeteners but i have to stick a piece in my mouth after i eat as my desert. it gets me through. all 19 flavors i go out and buy when i start this. they even have chocolate gum!!!!!
from your friendly tipmama!

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