Tuesday, March 9, 2010

what about peanut and butter?

PEANUT was in a production of "will rogers follies" it was so much work and just about killed us!! practices NON STOP with no concern for the girls ages or bedtimes. we will not be doing community theater again anytime soon. she is doing great in school although our BELOVED TEACHER has been in the hospital with an infection and we miss her greatly. we celebrated peanuts 9th birthday and she got a "ripstick" from her grandmother. she has been ripsticking all over the house. oh, she told me this morning that i was prettier when i was younger. thanks. i told her "you just wait until you are 35 and then you will see if you look like you did when you were 18!" ok, so i took it a little personally. ALSO, she is on a soccer team! a real one! they play for our little town and it is going to be intense, fun and tiring! GO HOMEWOOD!!

BUTTER had been really struggling in school with focusing in class. he was having a hard time sitting still and the teacher was really struggling with him. we decided to ask the doctor about some adhd medication. we filled out all the questionnaires and so did his teacher. it was a DEFINATE case that cried out ADHD. so, we started with adderall and he did great in class but when the medicine wore off around 4:00 in the afternoon he turned into a hamster on a wheel and was "exercising" all over the house. chin-ups on the mantle sit-ups, push-ups, a little jogging in place. this would last from 4 until about 9:00 until he was FORCED to calm down and go to bed. needless to say, we switched medications to one called vyvanse. this one seems to be doing MUCH better with the side effects. he is paying attention in class, his mood swings are much better and he is LEARNING his letters (finally) and doing great. praise the Lord for modern medicine.

here goes:
if you are reading this and have been told that your child could benefit from medicine FOR THE LOVE OF PETE please at least try it. it is really easy here are the steps:
get the questionnaires from your pediatrician (two for you and your spouse, and one for the teacher)
fill them out
take them back to the doctor
if he/she passes this "test" the doc will recommend a med. probably adderall.
give the child the medicine in the morning
you will know within one to two days if your child needs this medicine. here is how:
if he hypes up......he does not need it. see the doctor for other options.
if he calms down....he needed it and he THANKS YOU without knowing it.
it takes about two days of medicine that does not hurt him and then you have your answer.
don't be stubborn and remember it is NOT about you! it is not SHAMEFUL! it has been said that kids with ADHD/ADD are some of the smartest kids! it is about your child!
take it from me, it is no fun being trapped in a body that you can't control!
ADD or ADHD causes anxiety, anxiety causes depression.....
read the research done on those who are addicted to cocaine. a vast amount of these people have untreated ADHD and SELF MEDICATED with cocaine (a stimulant, same as adderall etc.)i will try and find the study.
finally, (and then i will shut up about this) just because your kid can concentrate on things such as tv and toys that they enjoy playing with. these things stimulate their brains and that is what they are aching for. HUGE sign of ADHD: tv stimulates them so much that is is very hard to get their attention.
one more thing: medication does not equal a lack in faith or your trust in the Lord. i thank the Lord for my kids medications just like i do for my dad's insulin.
disclaimer: not a doctor, just a mom with a very strong opinion on this subject.
here is one study on the subject:
http://www.addcentre.co.uk/selfmedcocaine.htm (copy and paste into your web browser)

back to butter, he has learned that he is really pretty good at baseball! he is excited about it and we are too!


  1. Great post. We have not faced this yet, but thanks for the information and encouragement. I heard a speaker say once in regards to medicine that so many Christians criticize, "You cannot regulate how God chooses to work in someone's life."

  2. thank you liz!!!! i agree. i have heard so many people that are so against adhd meds. within 3 days of putting jennifer on her medicine at 6 years old she came and thanked me for it!!!!!!