Tuesday, March 9, 2010

a mother "crunched" by a little "bif"

ohhhh what have i been doing?? not blogging. i do not know if i have just been lazy or if i have not felt very inspired to write. the main events have been dealing with an unruly "crunch". from the pulling of the fire alarm at school he has continued to do these "acting out" type of things. pouring drinks out, spitting milk at people, squirting his juice boxes out (with his foot..). getting his mother called to the "principals" office. the horror!!! for real. then there is the "running" he runs or walks away...from the house...from his class. and he does NOT answer when called. SO....BUM Bum bum....we are going to have him "evaluated" i do not know exactly what this means but to me it means that my BABY is not perfect. he is my little lovie. he snuggles me and says "i love you mommy". if ONLY everyone could see that. oh how i will miss that when he grows up. maybe he'll be the one that ALWAYS tells me that he loves me EVEN as the big football player or what not. OH i have changed his name to BIF. it fits him better. don't ask me why.

oh. my. goodness. while i was typing this i was yelling his name "where are you?? come here or you know you will get a spank. answer me? are you hiding?" well, he did not answer so i got up and noticed the front door opened and i went out and saw him across the street the little "web-crawler" himself. ACROSS THE STINKING STREET. these were my words..."you KNOW that when you leave the house and you don't tell me, you will get a spank on your fanny and I HATE DOING THAT!!!! you KNOW that you are getting one and you do it anyway. i don't get it???"

THIS is why i can't be on the computer during his waking hours unless he is busy BECAUSE he acts out when my attention is not on him. he is now in his room and he got the spank. i took away his spiderman glasses. what else??? i am so worried about his safety.

i know what you might be thinking...."why was the door unlocked?" answer: a worker just went out and i did not know it. "why does she not watch his every move?" answer: who could watch a four year old's EVERY move? he moves like a freakin indian you cant hear him or notice when he goes somewhere it is like some sort of magic!!! "how does he get so far away from the house?" answer he can get out of the house and be five houses away in 3.5 seconds with four adults supposedly "watching" him (as we saw this weekend) if you do not have a kid like this it is easy to be critical of them. please do not be critical of me.....pray for me and of course pray for "Bif".
an old pic of bif. when he was just a busy 2 1/2 year old

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  1. what a great kid. he is the perfect profile of what a boy should be like in the book "wild at heart". i know he probably drives you nuts, but one day you're going to love the fact he's the way he is.