Tuesday, March 30, 2010

facebook funniness

i LOVE LOVE LOVE FACEBOOK. it makes me laugh. i always try to post something relevant to my life. pretty or ugly. in hopes of getting the elusive "i know how you feel! I've done the same thing!" even a little "lol" makes me happy. FB is a way for me not to feel alone. bert and i have argued over this subject....."how come you tell random people stuff that you do not even tell me??" i understand the question. i get it. i just do not know exactly how to answer. maybe it is because i need empathy. for hard times in the mom world. he's not a mom. he will try to fix the problem. also, i need to laugh about my life and others.
i also enjoy God's gift of encouragement. i LOVE to encourage others.
one thing about facebook that i love is the feeling that you get that you are not the only one home. others are also at home, alone,kids napping, procrastinating the inevitable PILE of laundry. they need to see what others are doing. i, like to post. so shoot me.
one important thing about facebook is the fact that you can find out things that have happened that you might not EVER know. the death of a "friend's" sister, parent, or even their horse! this gives opportunity to flood their "wall" with love, prayer and condolences.
facebook is funny. here is an example of my most recent post: (names changed)

me ok,i scored this old wood while alley junkin' i want to make some "signs" just a few.you know, the ones you might hang in your beach or lake house or just in your regular house. i need some sayings. any ideas?? i have one that i made that says "Hotty Toddy" and i have seen some others at ole miss that say "are you ready?"(part of our cheer) sorry (mississippi friends)we only know roll tide and war eagle around here.

*sara* I need one that says, "No Whining!" :)
*mel* "no whining"
*beth* Hilarious! Almost simultaneously, the same response!
*mel* great minds think alike!
*shelly* "Free beer tomorrow"
*me* LOVE IT!!!!! keep em comin!
*jane* I want one that says No Whining - not for my home but for my office! Seriously - in pink, turquoise blue and lime green if you can. Let me know what I owe you.
*mom* Of course, there's "Life is a Beach", or "Another Day in Paradise" or "Whodathunkit?" (lame, I know.)
*anne* "A Big Woman Will Treat You Right"
*margie* Behind every successful man is a woman with a drink in her hand.
*hallie* "The time to be happy is now, the place to be happy is here."
*hallie* "If Mamma's not happy, ain't nobody happy"
*hallie* K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Stupid
*me* i am seiously laughin my butt off LMBO
*anne* My favorite "It's been lovely but I have to scream Now."
*lolly* When we were together you promised you'd take a bullet for me. Now that we're apart I think you should keep your promise. (Wish that was original but I saw it the other day and thought it was funny.)
*ginnie* "All unattended children will be given an expresso & a puppy"
*holly* Oh, ginnie, I just saw your saying down at Alys Beach last week... LOVED it!
*carol* I like Hallie's --the time to be happy is now. the place to be happy is here.
*cate* If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweatie and wipe the seatie!
*me* i like "even cowgirls get the blues"
*me* getting some great ideas! love yall!! love expresso, ginnie!love bullet, Lolly! cate, yours goes through my mind every time i sprinkle! anne, i can't stop laughing. hallie love it. of course no whining is a hot topic. carol that one fits you like a glove! shelly, i will be there tomorrow!
*me* ooh i thought of another for the bathroom "don't squat with yer spurs on!" that's for you , mom

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