Thursday, November 5, 2009

show tomorrow

I'm exhausted but excited about the show tomorrow. just a small church show but it is super fun because i get to sell my paintings to people that i know. i always end up trading some stuff! that is really fun. i had to do so many paintings because 6 days after this one is another one at a home in my area. i am excited about that one because i get to meet lots of new people. i have no idea if i will sell 5 paintings tomorrow or 20! in that case, i will have to keep painting all next week to have enough to sell at the home show. the vast majority of these paintings are under $100so that they are affordable for everyone. i usually bring blank canvas' with me so that i can paint while i am selling. i have sold many dripping wet paintings to people at this show in the past! going to dinner tonight with girls so i have to go ahead and pack my car with the paintings. pray for me! i will let you know how i do. if you are interested!
oh, i do not have the heart to tell crunch that the only painting that he has ever shown interest in [has already sold] shhhhhh. he has been carrying it around saying that it is his owl picture of him and his daddy. the colorful owl painting in the previous post. i guess i should photo copy it and frame it for him. good idea liz! thanks!

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