Monday, November 30, 2009

profile: rico and peanut

this morning peanut realized that she had "put" the hamster somewhere. she did not remember where. and as the clock ticked past the time that my two normally leave out to walk to school. they, with umbrellas in hand and peanut in tears made me PROMISE that i would find RICO come heck or water puddle. she gave me some hints and since i have been watching "criminal minds" a LOT i began to "profile" the situation:
if i were an 8 year old holding a hamster and needed to "put" him somewhere... why would i need to "put" him somewhere? well, either i needed to eat and did not want to hold him whilst. [no, she ate before she had the hamster this morning] ok if i were an 8 year old that needed to do something that required me to "put" the hamster down and since "putting" him in his cage is too rational for me and too far away to take the xtra ten paces to my room.....thinking...%&^$^%#@%^%(*)....OHHH what if i was SUPPOSED to brush my teeth?
walking toward the bathroom i heard a little "munching" sound right outside the door. THERE in my favorite hand painted bowl from Zimbabwe on a table, was the little feller making friends with my little trinkets that has made there way into the bowl: a spinning top, a crayola marker, a pencil, a wedding invitation (hence the munching), a shovel, and a couple of poop pellets accompanied the "stuff". i scooped him out, actually excited to find him so fast.
i e-mailed p's teacher and let her know to let p know that i found the hamster. i told her where he was and that he was fine.
i got a response from my e-mail that was obviously typed by my child
"i remmber puttting him in there."
i was laughing, relieved and glad to have my kids back in school.

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