Monday, November 2, 2009

catchin' yall up

the name of this post needs to be "catchin' ME up" because i feel like i am falling behind. what has been going on in my household. enough that i am unable to do my favorite thing, surf on facebook and write on my blog. sad isn't it? i probably should say that my favorite thing is spending time with my family and painting. BUT, since that is all i have been doing for two weeks, i am a little tired of it. the kids, well they are always here and i am grateful for them. and actually enjoying motherhood more because i feel a little bit more patient with them. don't know why. could it be that the more time that i spend with them, i HAVE to be patient and rely on the Lord for that BECAUSE....simply put....i do not OWN patience.

I have been painting to get ready for two small shows that i am doing. they are small shows but usually I do very well at them. BUT, because of the recession I have tried to do a LOT of small paintings. inexpensive = more sold = must paint huge quantities = STRESS = having to come up with a hundred different ideas/color combo's etc. OH and I had a brain toot and decided to do some Christmas ornaments. weeeeeeeeee. actually the two that I have actually completed are precious and i am excited about them. the "toot" factor is..."why the hector am i changing directions this late in the game. this is what i foresee. i will have 150 paintings displayed and EVERYONE will want the darn Christmas ornaments that i will only have about 4 of. then i will take orders...spend the majority of my "spare time" painting these Christmas balls and have 150 left over paintings." TOOOOOOOT! Sharon if you are reading this the word toot reminds me of you because you use it as a loving term for others, "how are you and your little toots?(children)"..... I love you toot!(sharon)

i set up a dear friend with a guy at church. going well so far. 2 dates in and ALLLS WELLLLLLLL! i will keep you updated.

funny story:
peanut woke me up the other morning to tell me that she had been watching tv and she really wanted an "AB ROLLER?" she said (in a whisper) "mom, i want an ab roller and they are only $14.99 and you have to call right now or you can't get that price, oh and you can lose 10 pounds in 1 week it said!"
what the sam hill does she know about losing 10 pounds? i am thinking. "No" i tell her and she goes back to the tv. should i be concerned? na. come to find out later, she was thinking of buying it for her daddy!!!!! LOL. who, by the way, has been losing weight running and i am so proud of him! and he is NOT FAT! i do not know where peanut heard this. unless she picked up on him always saying "fat boy is gonna get seconds, i am so fat, i can't sit in indian style because my legs are fat, fatty fatty two by four"......hey Bert, cool it on the fat boy talk. our child is watching ab roller infomercials!!!!!!!
another funny story:
I put on a pair of black "mary jane" shoes yesterday for church. peanut told me, those look like granny shoes"....then when i was putting butter's shoes on he said "are those shoes mimi's"(bert's mom) SO, it is time to retire the mary janes because i can't be a granny yet. then bert topped it off saying, "i really do not like those shoes at all" OK?
PS i am SO GLAD HALLOWEEN IS OVER....what do i do with 8 lbs of candy? hopefully people will retire the "scary" halloween decor from their front yards and we can focus on THANKSGIVING!

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to GOD. and the peace of GOD, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
phil. 4:6-7
A prayer for us
Lord, help me get through this busy season. i pray for all the moms that are reading my blog that they might find encouragement in the fact that they are not alone in their frustrations. Lord, for those that do not know you....prick their hearts to hear your calling. Lord, you are so good, so mighty and so awesome!
In your SON's name, Amen

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