Thursday, April 30, 2015

How to Patch Bald Spots 101

I posted this video on Facebook yesterday and for the LOVE OF PETE...over TWO THOUSAND people have viewed it!  Really? Yes. I am as surprised as you probably are. There is a phenomenon that is shameless vulnerability.  This can only come from The Father because I am not vulnerable and brave about everything. Most of my willingness to SHARE the yuk things about myself is my need for approval and reassurance. share that I left my baby sitting in the bathtub and answered the phone and briefly forgot about her.  YOU (are supposed to) respond with some awful thing that you did when your kids were young THEN I feel better about my mistakes and reassured that I am indeed a good mother. 
So I had been meaning to make a video showing how I cover my bald spots. I shot it yesterday morning in one take. I wondered for a minute if anyone would watch 6 minutes of me rattling on and on. Then I posted it. So, I put it on my blog so that my family that isn't on Facebook and others that might google "how to cover bald spots" etc. can watch it. 
Here ya go!

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