Wednesday, January 21, 2015

First Impressions

A young man rang my doorbell yesterday around noon. Rebel was going INSANE and I answered the door (because it is so RUDE to not answer the door. It might seem like I was profiling him to not answer, even if I think that the he could push me back inside my home and attack or kill me.) Anyway, he started his speech about how this is a sales contest bla bla bla... I interrupted him and apologetically told him not to waste his time on lil' ole me, because I am broke at the moment and....he interrupts me to say that if I don't buy something from him than other people from the contest are just gonna keep on ringing my doorbell. I nicely told him that he could come back next month... By then he had turned his back and he said, "NO..I WON'T...because THIS is a FIRST IMPRESSIONS contest!"

Besides the fact that I became upset bc he was "mad at me," I then was upset because he made me feel bad because he might be mad at me. Then I was MAD because he had the audacity to come onto MY porch, ring MY doorbell and be so RUDE. Then I couldn't believe how dumb it is for me to worry about being rude or hurting someone's feelings by not opening the door or by not buying what they are selling!  What in the crank nuggets is WRONG with me?  He could have attacked me SO EASILY. Nobody would have known bc nobody saw him at my door. REBEL was the only appropriate member of the scenario because he never stopped barking.  Just because the dude has a laminated index card with customer names on it DOES NOT make him legit. Wake up, Liz!

Ps. Dude needs to get someone to explain to him what an actual "first impression" is. 

PPS. It is very hard to find the line between loving others and being downright stupid.

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