Tuesday, February 8, 2011

what in the sam hill have i been doing?

watching butter play basketball.
drying his tears when he lost.
kids started back to school.
painted NOTHING. (in january)
enjoyed the "no painting" break.
went on a couple of dates with my husband.
felt like i was going crazy in the cold
we had ice and snow.
learned that i like "dry riesling"
grew my hair out.
cut my hair off.
went to bible study.
went to counseling.
found three pairs of "paige" jeans at the thrift store that fit me!
prayed for two friends who's babies were sick.
praised God when they came home from the hospital.
learned that i have a GREAT husband. even more so than usual.
cleaned out my studio.
finished 46 small paintings.
sent art to a show in carolina.
painting to catch up.
had writer's block for my blog.
found a thrift store coffee table.
raided southeastern salvage.
planted NO flowers.
found mcCarty pottery at the thrift store! three pieces!
haven't called people back.
had a cavity filled.
pulled a little girl's tooth out at church.
got a new pair of glasses! totally artsy.
lost it with my kids.
asked forgiveness from my kids.
fretted over my weight gain.
taken NO pictures for fun.
plan on taking some soon.
got a blackberry
went to tim and kim hudson's honky tonk weekend in atlanta and had a blast!
cried with friends
laughed with friends
cleaned up rebel the dog's pee and poop.
rejoiced at the end of JANUARY. my least favorite month.
welcome FEBRUARY!!! you are spelled so weird but you are MUCH better than the dark days of january!

as clean as my studio can get.

worked on finishing a painting (in february)

watched butter playing basketball

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  1. i have been wondering where you have been. keep meaning to ask, but always forget when i see you. whose tooth did you pull out at church?