Sunday, February 20, 2011

she didn't say hey!

living in the south. oh, it is a dream. everyone is nice and speaks to one another, waves at their neighbors and gets married promptly after college. we also ALWAYS look nice, don't act ugly to one another, and never leave home without our lipstick on. we consider the lady that helped our mamas raise us "a part of the family" (it is true). we are all republicans but certainly do not like "career politicians". we still adhere to all the fashion "rules" like no white after labor day. one is considered a "good mama" if they can juggle the junior league and four children. oh, and four is the new three. we DO wear hairspray and have eyeliner tattooed on. we go for walks in our pearls and would rather die than to not be wearing a sports bra. we preface all gossip "y'all bless her heart but.........and.........bless her, i would say this EVEN if she were sittin right here". we sometimes (god forbid) use prayer requests at bible study AS GOSSIP! we become highly offended when others do not notice and dote over our new baby. we cry during "my home's in alabama" and Dixieland". while on a power walk, if we see another person walking, we will shout right over our i-pods "hey" and become highly offended if they do not say "hey" back. while shopping, we MUST be spoken to by the salesperson. we then learn their name and consider them our personal best friend. ooh, we become best friends with at least one gay person and it usually is our hair dresser. oh, and the hairdresser and the salesperson talk about us when we leave. we can talk about God wherever we are and it is ok. for example: the lady at the checkout at the grocery"my what a great day we are having, how are you today? check out lady- oh, i'm blessed and you? me- "so blessed, God is so good isn't He?" check out lady- "mmmm mmm m yes he is ooh! that will be eighty-five dollars honey"... i just love the south. good and bad. we ARE the sweetest people in the country.

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