Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentines day

bert is an excellent cook and made rosemary chicken for the family last night for valentines day. it was delicious and the kids loved it.  some might say that v-day is WAY over-rated. for those that might not have a "valentine", it disappoints. and for those that HAVE one, it sometimes can also disappoint. example: while i am thinking that a piece of jewelry might me nice, bert is thinking that he is going to come home to pamela anderson in her sunday best. neither of which happen and...voila!...disappointment. valentines for me NOW is all about getting those boxes of spiderman cards ready for a class party and making sure that the kids have a little goody waiting for them when they wake up.
for the first two years of brett's and my relationship, he, without realizing it, took me to BURGER KING for valentines day. disappointment. but, one valentines day bert gave me his fraternity "drop". sigma nu letters and a ruby on the top (my birthstone). so sweet! this was like an engagement to be engaged. a really good valentines day. no disappointment there. once or twice i had flowers sent to bert at his office. terrible idea. he was embarrassed! disappointment again. i guess what i am saying is let us not wait for valentines day to enjoy each other. like bert says, "valentines day is a hallmark holiday". for those without a valentine, your day will come to donate to the hallmark corporation, become disappointed in the day itself, and then write your own blog entry.
as far as this year's valentines day goes, my husband was sweet like he always is, got me a precious card (see photo), and told me that he loves how we work as a team together. music to my ears. romantic? maybe...sweet? of course! but was the day THAT different than normal? no. and that is good and simply not disappointing.

bert has taken peanut out on dates for several valentines days

my card from bert. i was impressed with his artsiness!

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