Thursday, November 11, 2010

oxford and ole miss. our trip in pictures!

OK! going to ole miss is an absolute treat for us! the first stop...our favorite dive...the always artsy, hippie wannabe hangout, home of the vanburan best seller turkey sandwich with raspberry mayo and red onions, THE BOTTLETREE BAKERY!
PS it opened when we were at ole miss and it has not changed a BIT!


referring to our new mascot "Rebel, the black bear"

square books....gotta love the Faulkner section

we could not resist the picture in the phone booth!

the grove was hoppin as usual and the kids are too!

a hilarious band that was hired by one of the tailgaters!

an old col reb look-a-like......or IS he?

the alumni band warming up in the grove

the whole band playing in the grove. our favorite event!

early to the game....freezing our tails off in the nosebleed section

peanut shells....many more to come

crunch met some PRECIOUS girls from Jackson and immediately captured their hearts. they were so sweet to him. he got all of the hugs! making their 12 year old boy "friends" very jealous.
before we left he had also drawn a cross in the air and told them that Jesus died on the cross, then came BACK TO LIFE!
PS. look closely at his gloved hand! he did that on his own...hope we don't have a "playa" on our hands! but, for sure an evangelist!

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