Friday, December 4, 2009

tooth fairy, santa, now the stinkin' elf!!!

whoever came up with this crazy "elf" idea is a multi-millionaire genius! but obviously is one of those money hungry entrepreneurs that has NO SOUL! NO SOUL AT ALL!!!!!! LISTEN! it is hard enough to remember to put myself to bed,[there have been times when i just stand there late at night thinking "what's next?, i did those...oh, i need to put myself to bed] let alone to "move" an elf around the house.
what is the elf? unless you have elementary school age kids, you might not know. you might have heard grumblings from other moms about this PHENOMENON.
here is the deal:
there are several different variations of "the elf" a popular one is called "the elf on the shelf" this elf comes down from the north pole to watch your children daily and then reports back to santa every night if they were "naughty or nice". thus, when he returns, he finds another spot to perch. this is INSANELY exciting for kids because every morning the elf is hiding in a different location. some elves are more creative than others. for example, i have a friend that's elf does silly things around the house like moves furniture around or helps himself to crackers and milk, while another friend's elf brings toys EVERY NIGHT! [she should be incarcerated or desperately needs a hobby]. the PROBLEM with the creative elves is that the "elfed" children come to school bragging about what their elf has done and what their elf has gifted them etc. some "REALLY SAD AND NEGLECTED" children at school don't have an elf (because their parents don't like medieval torture practices) thus leaving the child thinking they have done something WRONG to have not received an elf from santa himself. HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THIS TO A CHILD? good luck to you. you might as well give in and tell em santa's not real because it would hurt LESS!
We have been hijacked by this stinkin elf and the madness has ONLY just begun!
IF you are in a predicament about are some ideas: get an elf, remind your kids that he can't be touched by children and do NOT start the gift thing at all. ONLY allow your elf to visit ONE WEEK before Christmas. fashion a letter from the elf sent from the north pole, written with your left hand (if you are right handed) telling the kids that you are one of santa's "cheif elves" and your job making toys will be done one week before the big day. this way, you only have a week to deal with moving him around. another idea: do NOT let your kids "worship" him maybe set him next to the nativity scene and tell the children that he is thinking about our savior! my kids tell the elf what they want for christmas and write him letters. it does help to know what the kids want BUT the elf should not hold that much power in our house. make it a fun, like "hide and seek". just try to make it a "light and fun" experience.
i say, in this situation, if you can't beat em, join em, but make your own rules and don't make the elf the focus, turn it to something positive and who's to say that the elf can't share with your kids about Jesus? sounds silly just might work.

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  1. My mom used to do the elf for my little brother. But he had a mischevious elf so mom would go in his room and throw his toys everywhere and then Matthew would have to clean them up because mom "didn't believe" the elf did it. How bout that?!