Saturday, December 19, 2009

christmas sweaters!

ahhhh the christmas sweater. when does it go from being cute to being...well, a christmas fau paux? you wear them when you are little. then, you quit because it just feels weird and wrong and then when you get old... it's back to the christmas sweaters! i went through this christmas sweater phase when i thought i could re-sell them and make some cash! i ended up with about 15 insane looking sweaters and not one buyer on e-bay. so i gave them right back to the thrift store. if i find one that is EXTRA crazy i will buy it for my neighbor and "older" friend "dot dot" and she PROUDLY dons the sparkles, bells, and ho ho ho's. because?...she is dot dot and she loves the attention that she gets in them. i think i have found her a festive sweater or vest for every holiday. i also snap up the most perfectly hand painted clip-on earrings that i can find for her. maybe i will be just like dot dot one day(bert tells me this is definite). i won't give a rip what anyone thinks of me in my christmas sweater, holiday wreath earrings and necklace that looks like a chain of lights that you flip on with a tiny switch. the kids love people like dot dot, she makes friends with the piggly wiggly register workers and tips the bag boys a dollar and a peppermint. yes, i have decided. dot dot has it right and we all (think we) are too cool to join her. now, where is my rudolph pin with the light-up nose? i'm comin' dot dot!

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