Friday, December 11, 2009

new painting for old friend!

i love my friend Kimberly, almost like family. i have known her my ENTIRE life. she has twin boys that are borderline EDIBLE! she married a precious guy with children from his previous marriage. Kimberly's brother, Robert, was a dear dear friend of mine and he passed away in a car accident several years ago. this broke my heart and the hearts of many others that knew him. he was SWEET, loving, cuddly, and funny. oooh and VERY handsome. Kimberly's mom and dad are precious to me also. they break my heart because i see the pain in their eyes every time i look at them. i pray for them. i love them. anyway....about the painting...... i have NEVER seen a mother LOVE and adore her children more than kimberly does those two boys. you can see it in her every BREATH. but you know what you also can see? the most? her love for the Lord. it is EVIDENT. she cherishes her relationship with THE SAVIOR and i ADORE that we talk about the Lord together. if you want to understand what the Lord can do in someones Kim...who experienced unfathomable loss and STILL knows and depends on the Lord and His Sovereignty. she pours this on her family. i love how their arms are entwined. they are precious. love you Fletcher, Kim, A and A!

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