Saturday, July 11, 2015

Satan, Kiss My __

I am the crazy lady that people probably go home from work and tell their spouse, "Let me just TELL YOU about what that crazy lady did today!" Here is the long story, longer:
So, yesterday was the day that I had the opportunity to FINALLY ship the painting that I did for Newtown, CT. (More on that later, I promise). This painting has hit more obstacles than one can fathom. Nevertheless, yesterday afternoon it was packaged and ready to go! The sky was turning really dark and I thought I'd better run to UPS before one of those summer rains gets me and my precious package all wet. So I pull into the UPS (Publix Green Springs) store parking lot and the torrential downpour begins. Not just that, but debris is flying and trees are swaying and the lightening was "screen saver" material. So I sat, waiting it out. My phone rings and my sweet boys are calling me, "Mom?? Are you OK? We got scared so we came down to the basement." (Mom of the year here) "Ok Buddy, I'm gonna wait until the storm passes, going to run in and drop this package and then I'll be home." 
So I wait about 20 minutes or so and it is still pouring and lightening and I'm like, DANGET, I am shipping this painting TODAY! 
Armed with the UPS number that Jeff Tenner from Soca gave me (his donation to my project, thank you Jeff!) I climb into the back, open my trunk, slide out with the package and run through the river (hoping not to get electrocuted) and into the UPS Store! Woot! I made it! It's about to happen, two and a half years later, the painting has a destination!  I'm soaking wet and holding the package, I go up to the desk to the familiar face behind the counter (by the way, if I've met someone more than once I feel like we are old friends). "HEY! Ok, I'm shipping this painting to Newtown, Connecticut and I have a UPS number that my friend gave me to use and...." 
"Oh, umm..." he says, "We actually can't look up numbers here.." Then he goes on to tell me that because they are a separate franchise from UPS themselves, that if I was going to use an account number I would need to have Jeff's login info and print out a label. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING. The painting needed to be shipped ASAP in order to get it to Newtown in time for my friend who is delivering it to get there (story on a later post, I promise!). Meanwhile my boys are calling me from home, because I've been gone an hour as apposed to the twenty minutes that I told them I would be gone. 
So, here comes the crazy lady part: I looked at him and said, "Satan does NOT want this painting to go to Newtown! He is trying to stop it any way he can! HEAR ME SATAN! You can't stop this painting from being shipped! Satan, YOU can go to HELL!" Then I was like, "well you love hell! So YOU CAN JUST GO....SOMEWHERE ELSE!" 
The place was quiet. My BFF behind the counter was looking at me bewildered, then I said, "OH NO! I wasn't talking to you! YOUR not Satan!" 😅 
Then the poor guy looks at me and says, "You know the UPS hub is about 2 miles down the road and they will take a shipping number no problem."   
"Ok, I'll just do that then."
So the boys stayed in the basement about 40 more minutes while I weaved through 5:00 Friday afternoon Green Springs/Oxmoor Rd. traffic. Made it to UPS and (you guessed it) SHIPPED                The painting! Satan, you can kiss my ass. Ya HEAR ME?

Painting heading to Newtown! 👏🏻

(And I need a new UPS Store)

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