Monday, November 17, 2014

I've been locked out.

I've been locked out of my blog. Well, the door was there and I had a key, but the key had a password that I couldn't remember. When I would fiddle with it to try to create a new password, bla bla bla my DANG (I mean damn actually) old as crank, computer would lock up, sending me into a frustration frenzy and I would quit. I need a new computer badly so if you see Bert, please put in a good word. 
Peanut is 13, Butter is 11, and Crunch is 9!
I will give you a little update in pics because I don't want this to sound like a Christmas letter and I really want to start posting rants again and I have been dreading this "update" post! 
CRANK NUGGETS! I am 40! I like this photo bc my wrinkly smile isn't showing

My beautiful girl. Soccer, show choir, and socializing r her!

Butter is the most driven little athlete. And the hair! Really? 

Crunch(9) is still crunchy. Hilarious. He loves sports! Who knew?

I found a less wrinkly pic of me...and Bert looks pretty dang cute, right?

This is all the updating y'all need right? The rest I will fit in future posts! I'm excited to get back into blogging. 
This here Funky Junky needs it!
Whether y'all read or not. I get to vent and tell my stories, and all of Facebook doesn't see it unless they try to. It feels a little bit more private?? Haha I just said private! I've never been private. Maybe I'm changing because I am 40. Did I mention that?
This is me being shy and private. 
I didn't know this kid, but hellooooo, he had on a shark costume! FINS UP, baby!

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