Tuesday, January 4, 2011

our trip to madison! COUSINS REUNITE!!

we went to visit my sister's family in madison, mississippi. this might be one of the cutest, nicest places in mississippi! we loved it. the town is so clean, and friendly. there is something going on all the time in their neighborhood. it is winter so not that many people were out and about but we enjoyed outside activities just the same! they have horse stables in the neighborhood and we enjoyed visiting the horses. we went to chic-fil-a and found out it is the number one chic-fil-a in the country (for breakfast). the kids rode on riding toys without fear of traffic until crunch ran into the neighbor's bushes. we made cookies, refereed the kids and played the wii. we went to the thrift store and i found an ole miss ashworth golf shirt for bert (score!). OH, and MOST importantly peanut and my niece got their ears pierced! here are some pics from the weekend.

making cookies with little mil!

beau wants some cookies!

maddie's turn

thank you VANA!


time for the big moment at "claires"

i'll hold your hand

here goes!


maddie's turn!

hold my hand?

a little nervous

big girls!!!

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  1. Brings back those memories from my early days at Claire's... pretty much the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! (at the time, of course.) Oh, how I wish life was still that simple. And by the way, Bess looks beautiful!!! I really really really want to come see y'all!