Friday, January 7, 2011

of my many colored days

some days are sad. i don't know why.
a cloud over my head hangs in the sky
the sun is out but i can't feel it's rays
because the darkness sometimes stays
nothing i have said or done. nothing to do
i just flat out am feeling blue
this is not to be taken light
to hide for another night
my friend prays a prayer for me
that through the darkness i can see
i am loved...especially by HIM
and though hope feels often slim

this too will pass i know this to be true
my dark sky will again be blue

dealing with occasional depression is super stinky. it feels like a weight sitting on your head. i share the poem above to HELP ANYONE feeling this way. through prayer and sometimes a doctor it is easily maintained. talk to someone, don't be ashamed. i am one of the most chipper people in the world and i battle this at times. don't let the darkness fool you. don't let it envelope you. get help. doctor, pastor, friend....or all of the above.

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  1. love this liz..........i can relate.....thanks for putting it into words and pictures