Sunday, July 31, 2011

what in the sam hill is pinterest?

ok, so... facebook. i love it. i check it once or twice a day..or more. BUT, there is something else? PINTEREST? so, i checked it out and it is REALLY COOL. and i joined. i am not going to tell you what it is. you just have to see it for yourself. maybe you will "pin" something from this funky junky. "if liz EVER would post anything" you say, "then i would pin something...sheesh". 
SO, i have been taking a bit of a break for the summer and have not posted SQUAT! in the last post, i was ranting about a bathing suit or something (which, i did not buy). i am still wearing my old maw maw ones. i figure it is too late to buy a new one. enough of that. some news, i am coming out of painting retirement! in january, i decided that i had HAD IT with painting and was done with it! this also began a time of little to no funky junky posting. I AM SO SORRY. i hope that coming out of painting retirement, the beginning of school, and a new lease on life...i will post more. i am ready to share about new art projects, stories about parenting, new adventures of peanut, butter, and crunch.  so, get ready. i have my post fingers out! pinterestingly enough!

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