Monday, June 6, 2011

my "hiatus"

some might be wondering why i have not blogged in a while. i have been trying to simplify some things in my life so that i can spend more time "being a mom". painting became very difficult for me. so, i kinda "quit" for a while. hopefully, when school starts and all three will be in elementary school, i will have time again to paint and blog more.
crunch is great BUT if he is not on his medicine, he is not easy. butter is so sweet and constantly practicing soccer in our back yard. i think he will be a really good athlete. peanut just made a traveling soccer team and we are all pumped. dad is working hard as usual and trying to balance being a dad and an estimator. my laundry is taking over the house and i NEED a laundress!
REBEL is still awful!

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